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Streamline Offer Targeting With ZBrain Flow
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Current Challenges in Adapting Offers to Individual Customer Needs

Offer targeting is a crucial aspect that can significantly influence a retail business’s growth and customer satisfaction. However, the process of selecting the ideal offers for different customer segments involves understanding their preferences and needs individually. The sheer volume of data, encompassing purchase histories, browsing behaviors, demographics, and market trends, poses a significant challenge. Analyzing this data to pinpoint the most suitable offers demands a labor-intensive process, where patterns, preferences, and trends must be meticulously extracted. Moreover, the dynamic nature of customer behaviors and market fluctuations further complicates the task.


I. How ZBrain Flow Streamlines the Offer Targeting Process

ZBrain uses machine learning to transform the traditionally manual offer targeting process. Here’s a comparison of the time required for each task with and without ZBrain Flow:

Without ZBrain Flow
Time Without ZBrain Flow
With ZBrain Flow
Data acquisition Manual ~8 hours Automated by ZBrain
Data cleaning and preparation Manual ~6 hours Automated by ZBrain
Data analysis and offer optimization Manual ~8 hours Automated by ZBrain
Report review and finalization Manual ~2 hours Manual
Total ~24 hours ~3 hours
ZBrain Flow significantly reduces the time spent on the offer-targeting process from approximately 24 hours to around 3 hours, leading to substantial time and cost savings.

II. Necessary Input Data

For ZBrain to function optimally and generate precise output, the following data is required:

Information Source
Customer data Internal records of customer preferences, purchase history, demographic information Always updated
Online behavior data Data on browsing history, customer interactions with brands online Last 6 Months
Product data Details about the products available, including categories, attributes, and popularity. Always updated
Past offer responses Responses to previous offers sent to customers Current cycle
Market trends Information on prevailing market trends, seasonal preferences Last 3 Months
External data Economic indicators, weather data and competitor pricing Real-time

III. ZBrain Flow: How It Works

Store Performance Analysis and KPI Tracking

Step 1: Data Acquisition and Preprocessing

ZBrain Flow seamlessly gathers pertinent data from a range of sources, encompassing customer profiles, purchase history, social media engagements, and prevailing market trends. Subsequently, the platform meticulously processes this data, unveiling correlations and patterns and effectively segmenting customers.

Step 2: Embedding Generation

ZBrain captures the intricate relationships and contextual meanings intertwined within various data fragments by converting text-based data into numerical representations. This streamlined transformation facilitates the extraction and proficient analysis of information, empowering ZBrain to provide pinpoint-accurate insights for offer targeting.

Step 3: Query Execution and Offer Optimization

Responding to user queries involves a thorough procedure of classifying customers into specific groups based on their preferences, behaviors, demographics, and interactions. These segments form the foundation for matching tailored offers. This refined and filtered information is then carefully directed to the Language Models like OpenAI or Azure OpenAI, ensuring optimal offers are precisely aligned with each customer segment, guaranteeing relevance and resonance.

Step 4: Report Generation

Upon generating outputs, ZBrain parses the results, extracting pertinent information while filtering out irrelevant details based on the user’s specific requirements.


Streamlined Offer Targeting

With an automated, AI-powered process, ZBrain dramatically reduces the time and effort required for offer targeting. From a process that typically took about 24 hours, it’s now streamlined to just around 3 hours. Marketing and sales teams can now create personalized, effective offers more quickly and accurately, leading to increased sales, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty. Embrace the power of ZBrain Flow to unlock unparalleled efficiency and propel your retail business to new heights.

Example Report


Generate a report suggesting promotions for customers who have previously bought products from the home and kitchen category in the past 6 months.

This report provides a set of tailored promotions for customers who have previously purchased products from the Home and Kitchen category in the past 6 months. These promotions are designed to encourage repeat purchases, enhance customer loyalty, and boost sales in the Home and Kitchen product segment.

Data Collection and Analysis

To suggest promotions accurately, data collection and analysis included the following:

  1. Customer Purchase History: Records of customers who have made Home and Kitchen category purchases in the past 6 months.
  2. Product Preferences: Identifying specific Home and Kitchen products that these customers have shown a preference for.

Promotion Selection Methodology

The promotion selection methodology comprises these steps:

  1. Customer Segmentation: Segmenting customers who have purchased from the Home and Kitchen category in the last 6 months.
  2. Product Affinity Analysis: Identifying complementary or related products that are frequently purchased together with Home and Kitchen items.
  3. Promotion Type: Selecting appropriate promotion types, such as discounts, bundled offers, or loyalty rewards.

Customer Purchase History and Segmentation Results

Customer ID
Purchase History (Last 6 Months)
Customer Segment
001 Purchased blender, toaster, and coffee maker. Kitchen Appliance Enthusiasts
002 Bought food processor and knife set. Kitchen Gadget Lovers
003 Purchased curtains, cushions, and wall art. Home Decor Enthusiasts
004 Frequent purchases in Home and Kitchen category. Frequent Shoppers
073 Purchased curtains and wall art. Home Decor Enthusiasts
074 Bought knife set and food processors. Kitchen Gadget Lovers

Product Affinity Analysis

Home and Kitchen Product
Frequently Associated Products
Blender Toaster, coffee maker, food processor
Food processor Blender, knife set, cutting board.
Curtains Cushions, wall art, wall clocks
Cushions Cushion covers, Curtains, wall art
Cookware set Utensil set, kitchen appliances
Dishware Glassware, silverware,

Recommended Promotions

In accordance with customer segmentation and product affinity analysis, the following promotions are recommended for each customer segment that has previously made purchases from the Home and Kitchen category:

  1. Discount on cookware set (Kitchen Appliance Enthusiasts): Customers who purchased kitchen appliances are eligible for a 15% discount on a premium cookware set.
  2. Buy-one-get-one on kitchen utensils (Kitchen Gadget Lovers): Buy one set of kitchen utensils and get a second set at 50% off for customers who bought kitchen gadgets.
  3. 20% off on home decor (Home Decor Enthusiasts): Customers who purchase home decor items can enjoy a 20% discount on their next home decor purchase.
  4. Kitchen appliance bundle (Kitchen Appliance Enthusiasts): Customers who buy kitchen appliances will receive a free blender with the purchase of a high-end food processor.
  5. Loyalty reward (Frequent Shoppers): A loyalty reward of $20 store credit for customers who have frequently purchased Home and Kitchen items in the last 6 months.

Promotion Details

Promotion Name
Target Customers
Promotion Type
Validity Period
Discount on cookware set Kitchen Appliance Enthusiasts 15% Discount Aug 21 – Sep 21
Buy-one-get-one on utensils Kitchen Gadget Lovers 50% Discount on 2nd Set Aug 21 – Sep 21
20% off on home decor Home Decor Enthusiasts 20% Discount Aug 21 – Sep 21
Kitchen appliance bundle Kitchen Appliance Enthusiasts Free Blender Aug 21 – Sep 21
Loyalty reward Frequent Shoppers $20 Store Credit Aug 21 – Sep 21

These personalized promotions, tailored to specific customer segments based on their Home and Kitchen purchase history, are designed to increase customer engagement and drive sales within this product segment. Implementing these promotions effectively can result in higher customer retention and satisfaction.

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